Aquarius Ashdown
Nickname(s) Aquari, Aqua, Ashdown, Ashdown Girl
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 14
Birthday Lique 12, 42th Rain of the 4th Era

(February 12)

Alliance Neutral, Ashdown Family
Party Team Waffle
Eyes Blue
Hair Powder Blue
Skin Pale
Height 5'05" (165.1 cm)
Weight 101 lbs (45.81 kg)
Blood Type A
Pros Fishing, Sewing, Loyalty, Kindness (sometimes)
Cons Jealousy, Cooking, Control
Likes Dan, Clarity, Cosplay
Peeves Leith, Things that remind her of Leith, Things pertaining to Leith
Gags Leopard Suit, Cooking, Torturing Dan
Status Inactive, Imprisoned
Partner(s) Quill (contract)
Relationship Leith Resinine (engaged)
Family ??? (father), ??? (mother)
Element Water
Class E (currently), B (originally)
Special Abilities Ice (currently unusable
Weapons Canteen

"I always do seem to ruin everything." -- Aquarius Ashdown to Arielle.

Aquarius Ashdown is a human water elementalist with a genetic line of ice. She is thought to be the daughter of Clarissa and Aloysius Ashdown, and the older sister of Daniel and Clarity.


Aquarius is a young, teenage girl with a slim build. Her most noticeable trademark is her straight, powder blue hair reaching her waist. Usually, her hair is tied back with two loose hanging strands with her bangs coupled at the sides of her oval shaped face. As for her eyes, they are a deep shade of ocean blue, sharper at the edges than most girls her age. Along with her hair, Aquarius is also noted for her pale complexion, earning her the nickname of Ice Queen of Venmara accompanied with her cold demeanor in the public eye.

She bears an abnormal resemblance to Clarissa Ashdown despite not being her daughter. Despite this, Aquarius has always considered herself less than her thought to be mother's known beauty. As a heir, Aquarius takes care of her image, hair combed neatly with the rare times of being held up in a ponytail. In Venmara, Aquarius would frequently wear simple dresses and her hair tied back in a plain ribbon.

After leaving Ashdown Manor, Aquarius usually took on baggy t-shirts, dark blue jeans, and scuffy sneakers to look as inconspicuous as possible. Along with her, Aquarius almost always wore her seal skin bag she received during her childhood in Venmara, magically enchanted to carry as much as she would need, and the canteen Zale gave her on her thirteenth birthday.

During her absence from the group, Aquarius cut her hair to shoulder length, slightly curled at the ends. She also strapped the Ashdown choker around her neck, riddled with a large sapphire in the middle with silver markings strung around. At the meeting of the Five Families, she doned the silver and white Ashdown cape as the only female heir, taking the place of Dan.

Currently with Leith, Aquarius chooses to wear an array of elegant dresses paired with silver heels. Along with her choker, she received a crystal heart necklace from Leith as her wedding gift despite her resentment towards wearing it.


Although known as the Ice Queen of Venmara, Aquarius never seemed to live up to her name. As a member of the eccentric team, her friends often label her as the bubbly, cheerful, and oblivious one. As a young child, Dan made sure Aquarius had as little to no knowledge of any anything pertaining to romance. In the present, she often mistakes relationships. However, it is noted she seems to have some deep understanding of relationships being the first to state Zale never liked her or that Dan found Teeter to be a friend, both of which were denied but true.

Near the beginning, Aquarius seemed to not care for people below her rank, often not even giving the energy to remember their names and replacing their names with crude ones such as Messy or Bossy. Eventually, she warmed up to the Team, occasionally using her manners and toning down her nicknames.

Aquarius frequently snaps at people with a short temper, gets jealous easily, and has a odd sense of fashion. It has also been revealed she is a terrible cook, though she has gained progress after forcing Arik to teach her how to cook. She has an odd obsession with cosplay, often making Dan or other unfortunate members of the team wear her costumes. Despite her many flaws, Aquarius has been noted for her skills at fishing and her seldom bits of kindness.

Currently engaged, she is permanently traumatized by Leith Resinine and anything pertaining to him. She cannot bring herself to eat any of the food he has prepared for her, and even her control of her element that she was known for has faltered. Whenever she talks to her former teammates, she often forces fake smiles or laughter to keep her exterior in check, crumbling just as fast.


Aquarius was raised as the eldest child of Clarissa Ashdown in Ashdown Manor along with Dan. As a child of ice, her mother often ignored or secluded her to her dismay. Raised as an aristocrat's daughter, Aquarius attended the City of Ice's water elementalist academy to further her skills. Although Clarissa constantly attempted to ignore Aquarius as her daughter, Aquarius was still mentally traumatized from the time her mother violently refused the suggestion she would marry Luke, Clarissa slapping her in response. Ever since, Aquarius distanced herself, training every day to improve her powers; hoping one day to get her mother to give her a second glance.

From then on, Aquarius would attend boarding school for the main part of the year, eventually befriending Tessa and Ian. Along the way, she loosen up to a select few including Dan, Ella, and Luke. The last being the one she fell in love with, though, quickly halted to a stop with her mother.

Finally, Aquarius managed to somehow escape Ashdown Manor in an attempt to escape her caged life, finding herself in Thorn were she would eventually meet Teeter and Alvara, join Team Waffle, and gain a handful of fiances before being currently engaged to Leith Resinine.


Introduction ArcEdit

At the beginning, Aquarius is found walking towards the nearest city. Having just escaped Venmara, she headed south to find herself in the outskirts of Thorn However, due to her lopsided control, the snow intesified from her failed attempts at training. As she rushed in to Thorn, Aquarius detects a large commotion coming from the city, causing her to go look for the source. With the city almost empty, she finds herself choosing to rest and locate information in a run down hotel, Welbury Inn, much to her dismay. There, she finds Teeter, Alvara, and Jaden talking and questions them, rudely however, on what the fight was about. The three dismiss her, taking her attitude sourly. Annoyed, Aquarius leaves to the nearest store where Alvara follows after her.

Meeting together, Alvara makes Aquarius start to talk, Aquarius only replying once she hears Alvara speak of the City of Ice, her next destination. Reluctantly, she introduces herself to Alvara and eventually the others. Having no direction sense whatsoever, she forces herself to join the group to get to the City of Ice, the only place she knows well enough to get help after escaping from Venmara. As all four eventually agree to go together, they take their leaves in their separate rooms before the journey ahead.

City of Ice ArcEdit

The next morning, Aquarius awakens to find Alvara and Jaden ready, only Teeter missing. Aquarius being impatient to wait sets off with the group, but her poor sense of direction leads the three no where. In the middle, a teenager comes across the group, asking if they had seen Teeter. Aquarius points the boy, who she finds slightly annoying, to the library. Minutes later, the boy comes out with Teeter by the collar, introducing himself as Edan, Teeter's brother.

Soon, he tags along with the rest of the group, Teeter slightly annoyed to have her brother join them. Having to go through the Hollowgray Mountains to reach the City of Ice, the group treks through the cold mountains. Finding herself more tired than usual, Aquarius constantly complains along with the rest of the group before Jaden explodes from the stress, starting an avalanche. Almost crushed by the ice, Alvara is saved by Edan and Teeter while Aquarius makes her way out of the snow. Trying to break the tension, the entire group finds themselves locked up in a snow ball fight. Strangely, Aquarius finds the snowball fight actually fun despite being with people she regards as commoners. After, Jaden leads them all into an ice cave to sleep for the night. To her horror, Aquarius finds she has to sleep on something as poor as a sleeping bag, hardly getting any sleep through the bitter night.

Abruptly and to angering Aquarius, Alvara wakes the group up from their sleep to point out the viperae crawling down the mountain with a mysterious cloaked man. Aquarius fends off the viperae with the rest of the group, only to find a second viperae join the battle. With a joint effort, surprising Aquarius, they manage to defeat the viperae. After, Aquarius joins the others in a meal of viperae meat, to her displeasure, before sleeping through another restless night.

Weeks past with the group's food supply slowly diminishing, Aquarius slowly getting used to the conditions of hunger and discomfort. To ease their stress, the group joke about hair, Aquarius finding it easier and easier to talk with them. Aquarius comments she prefers short hair, remembering her younger brother before they shake the conversation away. With the sudden memory of her brother, Aquarius looks to her bag in horror, finding Dan hiding inside. Covering her scream, Aquarius tries to keep cool as the group reach the portal to the City of Ice. Going one by one to avoid suspicion, Aquarius tosses her bag violently before following behind. Arriving in the City of Ice with Teeter, she automatically decides to head to her old school, the City of Ice's Academy for water elementalists. Bringing Teeter along with her, the two head towards the City of Ice's library to research on the Orb of Tides.

Infiltrating the school with Teeter's help, Aquarius makes it into the physical education lockers, planning to steal uniforms to make their way into the library. To her horror, Aquarius catches the sound of the girls making it back from their classes, taking Teeter to hide in the restroom stalls. Recognizing a familiar voice belong to Tessa, Aquarius waits nervously for the girls to leave before catching the name of her fiance, Ian.

To their dismay, teachers in the academy report of an infiltration, Aquarius and Teeter acting along with the other students in pretend fear before sneaking into the library. The two decide to stay overnight, Aquarius and Teeter stealing as many books as they can carry in their bags. Once done, Aquarius and Teeter leave, only to get separated from each other once again. Outside the academy, Aquarius comes across Alvara, Edan, and Jaden eating in a cafe, Teeter still lost. Jaden attempts to find Teeter, calling for birds to help locate the girl. Successful, the four are lead to Teeter causing chaos in City Square. Aquarius and Jaden quickly join in to try to calm Teeter, Alvara fainting from exhaustion.

Losing the others, Aquarius manages to spot Teeter only to find someone else has managed to subdue her storm building. Tessa steps in front of Aquarius, challenging her to a duel as old rivals. As Tessa starts to fight, Aquarius she is forced to fight back in hesitation. Tessa, not holding back, proceeds to form a giant whirlpool sucking everything in, hoping to finally beat Aquarius. As Aquarius calls Tessa to stop, another boy runs into the room, Ian. Together, they manage to distract Tessa and freeze the whirlpool. Without a word to Ian, Aquarius heads towards the rest of the group. Together, they decide to stay in a five-star hotel as the City of Ice still rages from Teeter's storm. Not wanting to stay any longer, Aquarius goes along with the group as they escape the city.

Twin Cities ArcEdit

Deciding to go on to Nevarsville, the group pulls ahead on a sled with a sick Alvara. Teeter, deciding they should go on a berry hunting trip, drags Aquarius along with her. Aquarius collects berries, even finding it slightly fun, before returning to see Edan and Alvara in the middle of MTMR. Just then, another boy appears from the shadows, [[Seth Meuric Volan|Seth}} appears to everyone's annoyance. Aquarius gets irritated to the extent of Dan finally having to break away from her bag, to everyone's surprisement at another boy appearing from nowhere.

With everyone aqquainted, Dan reminds Aquarius of her initial intentions of heading to the City of Ice, to locate the Orb of Tides. Aquarius, deciding to leave the group, takes Dan with her as they form a cloud to travel to the next city alone. Aquarius and Dan head to the next city, Awasburg, unknowing of the WANTED posters being posted up featuring no one other than herself.

To Aquarius' disdain, Alvara and Edan come across them in the middle of the city, layered with her WANTED posters. Together again, the group are confronted by white cloaked men and women trying to capture Aquarius quickly defeated by Alvara. Right after the fight, Aquarius watches as Alvara's blue orb charm releases a small girl claiming to be called Vena, the spirit of the Orb of Tides. Vena proceeds to explain they must find the pieces of the Orb of Tides scattered across Mageia. Though shocked, Aquarius agrees to help even though she no longer has a goal of Tides. With her last bit of energy, Vena tells them a shard of the orb is located somewhere in the Gulf of Supracity, their next destination.

Nesaica Forest and the Orb of Tides ArcEdit

Heading to Nesaica Forest in hopes of getting closer to their destination, Aquarius travels with the group as they hike peacefully. Eventually, they stomp and make camp. There, Aquarius and Dan go to train together as the others also separate from each other. Finding her control better, Aquarius calls it a day with Dan as they fall asleep back at camp.

With Teeter still gone and dawn arriving, the group heads off to the nearest city for any clues that might hold to her location. Though Aquarius spots nothing abnormal, Alvara stops the group, detecting something wrong. Alvara takes Edan with her, telling the rest of the group to stay put. Unfortuantely, Aquarius misleads the group once again after deciding to not follow orders from Alvara. With no luck of finding Edan and Alvara, the three call it night as they rest in a clearing.

The next morning, the trio decided it would be best to stay put, Aquarius leading them anywhere would only worsen their situation. Almost, Aquarius tries to continue leading on, distracted by a large lake of water as Dan and herself jump in and swim. After, they Dan decides to take lead, the group finding themselves in another city where they eventually meet up Teeter. Although born from a noble family, the four decide to take a job to get more money for supplies, stalling time in hopes to find the others. With news of a monster terrorizing the food supply, Aquarius decide along with the rest of the group to take down the beast.

Job at hand, the quartet journey into the woods to save the city from the monster. Soon, they find a trail of blood, Dan deciding it would be best to follow the red drops that would lead them to whatever was bleeding. To the entire group's confusement, they watch as the tracks of the animal grow smaller and smaller, realizing the animal was shrinking. Running, the group eventually caught up with the beast, a Vulpis Draco covered in blood. In an attempt to befriend the animal, disgusting everyone but Jaden and the fox, Jaden quickly cooked up a bowl of forest soup. To their horror, the fox seemed to take a liking to the poisonous meal, making friends with Jaden. The villagers seek to take the fox, causing the group to prepare to fight back, only to be overwhelmed by the fox, now named Flynn, growing exponentially. Tying down Flynn with streams of air and ice chains, the group calm the her down after her destruction. With Flynn focused, the four leave in a mad dash to Quaevir.

Aquarius joins back with the others, including additions of Zale, an annoyance, and Tytus. Aquarius unites with the other members, just to be chased by a hooded girl who manages to capture Aquarius and knock her out.

The others awake already, Aquarius quickly pretends to fall asleep to avoid speaking with Tessa and Ian. Once the two leave to the City of Ice, Aquarius proceeds to wake up again and meet Heather and the others. Just then, Vena appears to tell them the next shard is in Caritas.

The Island of Love ArcEdit

Along with Zale, Dan, and Teeter, Aquarius joins along to create their cloud transportation across the Regia. Along with Zale, Aquarius enjoys the peaceful trip across the ocean, even more excited for the full moon to come soon. Although none of the group knows Caritas' location, they are eventually pulled towards the island.

At the entrance, an old man will only let them in the island if they show their true love. At first, Aquarius is pulled across by Zale to her brother's anger. Through a lot of arguing, Dan eventually decides to pull Zale across, producing a new gag, while Aquarius fakes her boy impression to get her and Teeter safely into Caritas. With the others across, Aquarius is welcomed by an attendee clad in white, offering them drinks.Though Edan manages to escape the love potion through his allergy of mangoes, Aquarius isn't as lucky, drinking down the love potion with her love of Dan growing immensely.

With her new love, Aquarius proceeds to drag Dan across Caritas' shopping district, buying him various costumes along with any girls coming near him. Against Dan's will, she returns back with bags filled with costumes, forcing him to try them on for the rest of the group. Aquarius also begins to refer to others with their full names, though none of them take this well, instead of her usualy nicknames. Leaving Dan just for a second, Aquarius comes to return to see, in horror, Dan and Zale sitting at opposite ends, rose petals and everything romantic around them. In her anger, she slaps Zale and brings Dan outside to have a "talk". Aquarius screams violently, accusing Dan of cheating on her for Zale, ignoring all of Dan's explanations. She almost freezes Dan entirely, until meeting a serpenqui who heals her from the love potion's effects. Aquarius returns to Dan, no memories of the love potion's effects at all, to receive a hug in joy from him. Surprised at his sudden hug, Aquarius freezes him in place before Zale proceeds to hug her, causing Dan to melt in fury. Later, Aquarius joins the other in a pillow fight before the next morning.

With the others ready to plan Alvara and Edan's date, Aquarius chooses to side with Teeter, in charge of Alvara's apparel for the date. Her job goes terribly, leaving Zale to choose Alvara's dress instead of Aquarius' lackluster choices clown and animal suits. At dinner, Aquarius returns with Dan to eat dinner, sadly, Aquarius runs out of luck again as Zale had already sabotaged the dinner. In unison, the two puke Zale's food, together, blaming him for their first time puking ever. Aquarius declares her leave to go fishing, Dan rushing to join her as they temporarily stop at a pond. Quickly, Aquarius manages to bubble net a large fish to Dan's annoyance. In high spirits, they return in time for Zale to offer to make breakfast. Though most of the group find it slightly odd, Aquarius is the first to suggest the idea of their name of Team Waffle, each letter representing one of the five elements, fire being repeated twice.

Their fun ends abruptly, the prescence of the shards allowing Zale to unleash a large tidal wave across the city. Soon, all the shards start to awaken, causing Aquarius great confusion. She manages to escape with the others on the The Seadog's Qualm, leaving Caritas with secret dissapointment.

Perola City ArcEdit

With the others, Aquarius rides on The Seadog's Qualm along with the others as they escape Caritas. Overnight, Aquarius is once again awakened during her beauty sleep by Alvara to steer the boat away from the storm with Zale. Soon, Aquarius and the others are halted by three, black cloaked men.

The black cloaked men reveal their intentions of stealing the shards, all of the group including Aquarius proceeding to fight back. Unfortunately, the tide turns as Aquarius starts to downgrade Zale with various nicknames, eventually causing the latter to send her off ship with a burst of water to Dan's extreme anger. Aquarius starts to get to work despite her annoyance, slowly forming a maelstorm to entrap the men in ice. Suddenly, Heather's plant monster nearly swallows her, bringing her up to the air in panic. Soon, Hawlyn, Talbot, and Rentin take over the team, going after Alvara who possesses the shards.

After their defeat, Zale quickly melts the ice shackles to free the entire team as they head toward Perola. Stopped by a passing ship, Aquarius manages to take out her cosplay kit to dress up the team while hiding Jaden and Tytus in potato sacks. She quickly passes with the others to Perola, entering the port before Aquarius is stalled by a call from Water Connections with her mother's name displaying. Dismissing the call, she goes with the others to camp out. With another night, the team chat leisurely before going to bed for another restless night.

The next morning, the groups stumbles upon a poster directing them to a man with amazing water abilities. Strangest of all, rumors of the man being an Inanis perk the interest of the team as they realize he must have more pieces of the shards. Aquarius quickly devises a plan with Dan, taking her cosplay kit as Jaden creates a stage made of stone. Hoping to distract the audience, she declares Dan as Danny the Magnificent, much to Dan's horror. Together, the two manage to stall the audience's attention with shallow tricks. Quickly, Aquarius and Dan return to the other group, Aquarius freeing Edan from the sphere of water in the process. With the reinforces, Thana and Aeron quickly depart to the team's confusion.

Already, Perola's officers chase after the entire group, Aquarius dashing away with the call pestering her once again. This time, Aquarius answers, Clarissa waiting in patience. With bitter resentment, Aquarius asks what her mother wants, only to be shown the six shards in her mother's possession. Unwillingly, Aquarius agrees to her mother's demands of heading to Venmara, the Ashdown Ball lurking in her thoughts.

Beautiful Venmara ArcEdit


Shards of the Orb ArcEdit


Onwards to Amnicen ArcEdit


Meeting of the Heirs ArcEdit


Return to Thorn ArcEdit


Siege of Elcalore ArcEdit


Search for Shamri ArcEdit


Elemental Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Water Element Magic: One of the among the five in Mageia, water has a very diverse range of magic. As a fluid, water can be shaped into many different shapes and designs, and utilized in a variety of ways. Aquarius has proven to have mastered her control of water.

  • Water Manipulation: Ever since Leith traumatized Aquarius, she has been unable to muster the strength to command her water the way she used to. Currently, she can only lift water and barely move it around only to have it burst and fall to the ground in a puddle. It is unknown if she will recover from her mental trauma and elemental block.

Former Elemental Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Water Element Magic: One of the most common elements among the five in Mageia, water has a very diverse range of magic. As a fluid, water can be shaped into many different shapes and designs, and utilized in a variety of ways. Aquarius has proven to have mastered her control of water.

  • Water Manipulation: Shown to have master the basis of water element magic, Aquarius had been able to freely shape water into the form she wanted. Often, Aquarius was shown to shape weapons ranging from whips to small arrows. Althought less frequent, Aquarius had been able to move large amounts of water into maelstroms and waves.
  • Water Extraction: After facing Luke, Aquarius had been able to extract water from the air instead of relying on a supply near her. She was shown to be able to draw in water from the air, cool it, and quickly freeze Luke in place rapidly.
  • Water Connections: Although Aquarius had given up Water Connections after meeting Quess, she had previously been able to come into Water Connections easily being known as the eldest child of the Ashdown family.

Ice Element Magic: The sub-branch of water, ice is one of the many forms of water where the molecules are spun together into a solid. This is an extremely difficult technique to use, even harder to master, as ice needs the perfect control or it will merely crumble and melt. Aquarius has been shown to utilize ice as her secondary element, as it was never as perfected as her control of water, though still controlled extremely well. However, with the her mental trauma from Leith, she has no control over ice magic anymore.

  • Freeze: As the basis of ice magic, Aquarius had been able freeze water easily. Before meeting Leith, Aquarius had been shown to immobilize her foes and large amounts of water with ease as shown with her battle against Tessa.
  • Ice Manipulation: Along with freezing, Aquarius could easily manage to manipulate ice to the form she chose. Frequently, she is shown to form ice spears in combat along with other weapons of her choice. In Venmara, Aquarius had been able to produce a dome of ice around herself and Clarissa.

Keen Intellect: Though not a plan maker like her brother and Alvara, Aquarius was strictly educated like the other heirs in advanced elemental combat and strategies from a very young age.

Elemental Spells: It is assumed for Aquarius to have understanding of basic elemental spells as all the other heirs have been educated in. She has not shown any expertise in this field yet.

Fluid Manipulation: It was revealed in Venmara that Aquarius had mastered the control of manipulating fluids on her will. She was shown to be able to freely control acids and other solutions against Clarissa.


Daniel AshdownEdit

As a young child, Aquarius sought out to Dan for comfort that her thought to be mother never provided her. Throughout their childhood, though Aquarius constantly denied it, she grew to love Dan as he cared for her as a brother. He was the only one in her family that would talk to her, causing them to grow a special bond. Aquarius has constantly been shown to be annoyed at Dan's antics, though she understands his emotions at heart. She still thinks of Dan as her younger brother, despite being told by Quill the contrary.

It's assumed Aquarius cares for Dan and Clarity more than anything, giving up her love for Luke to keep them safe. Her love usually comes out askewed, as she adores to put Dan in various of her cosplays, though no one understands why. She considers Dan as brother no matter blood relations.

Clarity AshdownEdit

Although knowing Dan far longer, Aquarius constantly shows she cares for Clarity a great deal and as much as Dan. Being the first to meet Clarity after Clarissa and Luke, she took Clarity out promising to show her the outside world. Aquarius thinks of Clarity as her sister, despite being told otherwise. Although Clarity doesn't consider Aquarius to have class, it is shown Clarity cares deeply for her. Aquarius sees Clarity much more mature than Dan, noting Clarity as being easier to talk to.

Though the two care much for each other, they understand each other as friendly rivals for both Dan and Luke, neither of two boys fully comprehending this. Though not shown by Aquarius, Clarity constantly feels the need to compete against Aquarius for the attention of both boys even prior to meeting Aquarius. With their differences and rivalries, they continue to think of each other as close sisters in competition.

Teeter Cae VolanEdit

Aquarius views Teeter very similar to how she sees Dan and Clarity as her third sibling she never had. Both of them share the relationship mutually, Teeter often crying after seeing Aquarius after long periods of separation. When Aquarius left the group to stay in Venmara, Teeter told Clarity she would never be a replacement to Clarity. Almost always, Aquarius pesters Dan to marry Teeter into the family so they can really be family and related.

Zalent Kentrel MorEdit

Zale fits in as the role of older brother to Aquarius, though sometimes Aquarius refers to him as her mother. At the beginning, Aquarius had rocky emotions towards Zale for his laid back personality. Although Zale constantly flirted with her to Dan's dismay, she ignored them knowing they were never truly serious. Being the only one to realize Zale liked Alvara, Aquarius always took to Zale as her mother or older brother who seemed to excell far more in domestic chores than she ever did. Eventually, she began to care for Zale as he took care of her, constantly having to tell Dan they only had a platonic relationship.

In Venmara, she misinterpreted Zale to be her brother, giving up her hand in marriage to Leith to keep him from getting killed. Though she was wrong, Aquarius still doesn't regret choosing the save Zale, knowing fully she would do the same thing for any of the others.

Luke FaronEdit


Leith ResinineEdit

Aquarius is anything but emotionless with Leith. Although the latter does not take any interest in her, Aquarius' mental health had already begun to deteriorate after becoming engaged to him. Already struck hard by realizing Dan and herself had never been related by blood, she was forced to stop Leith from killing Zale by offering her hand in marriage. Eventually, Aquarius even forced herself to try to kill Leith to prove to herself she still hated him.

Aquarius broke down after seeing Leith with Arielle on the summer solstice, misunderstanding the situation to believe Leith loved Arielle or at least didn't seem to resist her. Although she convinced herself she could pretend to love Leith eventually, those emotions soon dissapeared. At her mental breaking point, Aquarius could no longer stand anything reminding her of Leith, losing her control of her own element and unable to eat anything his chefs prepared for her. Aquarius stays away from Leith as much as possible, avoiding eye contact and any personal contact.


  • She prefers boys with shorter hair, as noted on their journey through Hollogray Mountains when the group mocked Edan's hair.
  • Aquarius plays the flute well, but she has no talent whatsoever for poetry.
  • Unlike most of the members of Team Waffle and the other heirs, Aquarius has been shown to have a weak stamina, forcing her to end battles with minimal time or outside help.
  • Aquarius hates sports.
  • Aquarius used to love blackberries.