Cole Ambrose
Gender Male
Race Human
Alliance Seeker, The Ambrose Family
Eyes Hazel/Light Amber
Hair Auburn
Skin Sallow, light
Pros Very powerful and disciplined fire elementalist
Cons extremely prejudiced, haughty, can be cruel, narrow-minded at times only likes when people
Likes Aglea Rosendorf, Nina Ambrose, Kenneth Ambrose, Aidan Ambrose
Peeves Mackenzie Ambrose
Status inactive
Relationship Rusette Flamel Ambrose (wife), Aglea Rosendorf (past affair)
Family Rusette Flamel Ambrose, Nina Ambrose, Kenneth Ambrose, Aidan Ambrose
Element Fire
Class SSS
Special Abilities Perpetual fire

Cole Ambrose is the father of Mackenzie Ambrose, Nina Ambrose, Kenneth Ambrose, and Aidan Ambrose. He is married to Rusette Flamel Ambrose, and his most famous affair is the one with former housemaid Aglea Rosendorf. Cole is a lanky, auburn-haired fire elementalist with angular features and hazel eyes. Cole and the rest of the Ambrose lineage have a vendetta against the fire Family of Power, the Kentrels; they believe themselves to be more powerful and will never be content with second best.

He is the heir to the hefty Ambrose fortune, being the oldest son of the elderly Vulren Ambrose and his consort, Kalida Ambrose.


Cole is a thin, very tall middle-aged man. He has short, muted reddish-brown hair, narrow hazel eyes, and sallow, pale-yellow skin that looks as delicate as crinkled paper. While he isn not the best looking person you'll ever meet, he has the cold, high-cheekboned look of royalty.


Disciplined, haughty, powerful -- Cole is all of that and more. He is a sharply calculating man that has never shown mercy in public before. He also never repents for his actions and despite the fact that he has acknowledged Mackenzie Ambrose as his child, he has not acknowledged that the mother of his illegitimate daughter is Aglea Rosendorf. However, he shows great love and care for his three children by Rusette Flamel Ambrose.


See The Ambrose Family for more details.

Cole is the eldest son of Vulren Ambrose, whose death is rumored to be over a failed attempt at assassination of a Kentrel, and Kalida Ambrose, who is still alive to this day but is quietly residing at a small oceanside manor owned by the Ambroses. He is said to have had a harsh childhood, due to Vulren's harsh discipline and abuse. Kalida was Vulren's junior by 25 years and his second cousin, married to Vulren to keep the blood pure. Cole has two younger siblings which died under mysterious circumstances (Ruby and Urit Ambrose), one of who is related to Kentrel-Ambrose argument and the other to hurt feelings over Cole inheriting all of the Ambrose fortune.