Drystan Faine
Nickname(s) None
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 40
Birthday Unknown
Alliance Unknown
Party Unknown
Eyes Teal
Hair Bronze
Skin Fairly tan
Height 6'5"
Weight Unknown
Blood Type O+
Pros Unknown
Cons Unknown
Likes Unknown
Peeves Unknown
Gags None
Status Missing
Partner(s) None
Family Alvara Faine (daughter), Iona Faine (wife)
Element Water
Class A
Special Abilities Ice Manipulation, Atmospheric Water
Weapons Unknown

Drystan Faine is the father of Alvara Faine and the husband of Iona Faine . He disappeared a few weeks after the Incident, leaving Alvara by herself in the Forest of Fin. He is known to be an ice master and studied at the City of Ice. Though it is not yet revealed if he alive or not, his current status is "missing". Alvara started her journey to Thorn in search her father. It is unknown why he left.


Drystan has bronze hair and teal eyes, is fairly tall, and very strong.


Alvara says that he is a great father, very kind and caring, though very strict on his training regime. Drystan is said to love his daughter very much and might be overprotective.


Drystan Faine lived with his wife and his daughter in the isolated Forest of Fin. After Iona died, he left the cottage forever a few weeks later, leaving Alvara his prized yew bow.


He is only briefly mentioned through Book One as a proficient ice user. Alvara remembers many times when he demostrated his powers to her during the winter.

Elemental Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Water Element Magic: Drystan is a master at the element of water as well as its sub-branch, ice.

Ice Element Magic: Drystan has tremendous mastery over the sub-branch of ice.

Master Archer: Having taught Alvara what she knows, Drystan is hinted to be an even stronger archer than Alvara.

Immense Reflexes: As the creator of Alvara's training regime when she was a child, it is assumed that Drystan is equally, if not more, strong in agility, speed, endurance, and dodging.


  • Drystan Faine will appear in one or more of the books.