Alvara bio pic

Alvara Faine, a known Light user

Light is one of the five elements of Mageia. It is known as the rarest and least offensive elements of Mageia. There are many uses for Light despite it being the least offensive elements. One is to bend and change the color of Light so one could make illusions. Many people who do this practice are called illusionists. Tytus is one example of an illusionist. There are also a even rarer kind of Light user called Healers. Healers use the postive energy of Light to heal somebody. The most offensive use of Light is lightning. Some Light Users with tedious training could use bolts of light against their opponents. Jeanine is one Light user that uses Lightning.

Known Light UsersEdit

Tytus Calvero (Illusionist)

Alvara Faine

Jorek Elsemere

Jeanine Resnik (Lightning Rod)