Mikell Koen
Nickname(s) Mike, Mikey
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 9
Alliance Unknown
Status Active
Partner(s) Seth
Relationship None
Family None
Element Unknown
Class Unknown
Special Abilities Shadow-traveling, Teeter acting
Weapons Key

Mikell Koen is a mysterious little boy who seems to always be bothering Seth. They appear to be in the same unknown organization and obey a certain "master". The only abilities he has ever been seen using are those associated with shadows, not a normal element, making him a very strange boy. It is unknown what his true element is. Mike is also known as the little "pet" of the master, something Seth teases him about. He is currently in Gaox, helping Seth find the whereabouts of the Sword of Flame. Mike can also pass off a very good Teeter voice and befriended the grown serpenqui through these methods.