Will You Give In to the Propaganda?Edit

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An Overture to the TenderfootEdit

In a faraway world much like our own there are people with elemental powers. A secret team of masters made a set of impeccably powerful items developed from the imaginations of humans: a sword of flame, an orb of tides, a wand of tempests, a crook of earth and a dagger of lightning. Their reasons were unknown. But before they could use them, the weapons backfired and killed them all in one, tiny misstep.

The public soon found out. People's reactions varied from plots to steal to fear. The government attempted to calm the people, but even they were split. Some wanted to keep the items and use them for military use. Others wanted to destroy the items or lock them away. Civil wars broke. Then, in the middle of it all, the weapons were stolen. Real chaos took over, anarchy spreading like wildfire. No one is safe.

But individual people only hold so much power. Every person has a limit to their abilities. Groups linger. People want the officials back. People want peace, a quiet home. Others team up to find the weapons for themselves. Opposers venture out to stop them. Everyone is reaching out for more to join their cause. Neutrals form their own little clique, trying to endure these times the best they can.

Will you give in to the propaganda?

--PROPAGANDA: the roleplay, page 1, post 1.