The Ambroses are a powerful fire elementalist family that live in the city of Gaox. They are aligned with the Flamel Family under the marriage of Cole and Rusette. While the Kentrels have white fire, the Ambroses have naturally strong topaz-hued fire that is difficult to extinguish. It has similar properties to the fire of a regular elementalist that is out of control. The Ambroses have a hatred towards the Kentrels despite signing a contract of fealty hundreds of years ago.


The Ambroses are a noble family created a little after or about the same time as the Kentrels. Though originally separate from the Kentrels, who were rising in power, the Ambroses eventually signed a contract of fealty with the Kentrels as a lower noble family. However, the Ambroses began to despise the Kentrels for their prestige and unspoken power, hoping to one day topple the Kentrels from their throne.

This plan was finally put in motion when Cole Ambrose took Rusette Flamel as a wife, hoping to unite the two lower families. A few years into their marriage, Cole got attracted to a pretty young servant in the estate, Aglea Rosendorf . The two eventually had an affair and a child, Mackenzie Ambrose . Rumors flew and the Ambroses' reputation dropped like a stone. Though Cole got off easy except a small scar of his past, Aglea was relocated to a powerful water family far away. It is unknown what has been planned to overthrow the Kentrels.


  • Cole Ambrose: The head of the family and extremely powerful fire elementalist. Married to Rusette and father of their three children. Does not have feelings for Rusette, believing their marriage is only a necessary contract. Also has a daughter from an affair with Aglea Rosendorf.
  • Rusette Flamel Ambrose: The lady of the family and extremely powerful elemenalist. Married to Cole Ambrose and the mother of their three children. Does not love Cole.
  • Nina Ambrose: The oldest of the four children at 24, a very disciplined fire user
  • Kenneth "Ken" Ambrose: The second oldest at 21, has very strong fire powers and is a bully
  • Aidan Ambrose: The third oldest at 20, has exceptional control over fire, quiet and grouchy
  • Mackenzie Ambrose: The youngest Ambrose at 16, the result of an affair between Cole and Aglea, has little control or power over her element
  • Theresa: A caretaker of Mackenzie when she was little, visited three times a week
  • Gertrude: A maid, catches Mackenzie trying to escape

Former MembersEdit

  • Aglea Rosendorf : A former maid of the family, had an affair with Cole and was removed to a water family, mother of Mackenzie