The Persdels are one of the Five Pure Families in the continent of Mageia. They are the most powerful earth elementalist family, governing over all aspects of the ground. They have the widest range of earth control, from sand to plants. All other earth noble families have contracts of servitude on the Persdels. They share the city of Siluvia with the Elsemeres, making the two families have a bitter rivalry. The family is headed by an unknown person and their current heir is Costin Persdel .


The family was formed sometime in the Pre-Era years, a steadily growing power. However, they were forced to share Siluvia with the Elsemeres, and the two would constantly battle for possession of the city. They made contracts of fealty with the other earth noble families in exchange for protection and an alliance from foreign powers.


The Persdel children and heads joined the other families of power in the Meeting of the Heirs in Amnicen . Lelania and Celestine traveled to the city with Liorina , while Costin went on ahead early. The twins tortured Esmund with girly costumes and make-up. At the welcoming dinner, Costin did not show up for unknown reasons.

Later, the Persdels invaded the city of Elcalore under a ruse that they were trying to win the alliance of the Sentinels . The children easily gained the upper hand against the Kentrel troops and Team Waffle through their excellent heir training. Unfortunately, the Kentrels were also woefully unprepared and were beaten down by the Persdel's superior siege machines. However, the Persdels were then intercepted by Liorina and Jorek , who wanted revenge in their rivalry back in Siluvia. While the two were able to rescue Edan and Zale, they eventually gave out from exhaustion. It was only when Alexander, Celosia, and Clarissa finally cut in after finding Shamri that the Persdels were driven back.


The Persdels live in a large estate and mansion on the grounds of Siluvia.


  • Lelania and Celestine Persdel : Sadistic and cold twins who have control over flora and sand respectively. Although they look almost identical, Lelania is considerably bitter against Celestine for having the "prettier face".
  • Costin Persdel : The heir of the Persdels and a powerful earth elementalist. Costin is extremely muscular and strong, though isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. He is often used by his sisters.